Pet and Personal GPS Tracker

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Pet and Personal GPS Tracker

SpotLite Dog

GPS Pet Locator

Fast and accurate GPS tracking

  • Real-time tracking 24/7
  • Water resistant and extremely durable
  • Easy to use website
  • 2 way voice communication available
  • Flat Pad Changer for faster charging!
  • Protective Pouch Available for only $14.95

Locate Your Pet 24/7

  • You can check your pet’s location anytime using the tracking website, mobile application or text messages
  • If your pet is on the move, you can track him on the website or mobile app and view location updates every 30 seconds, along with turn by turn directions to his location
  • Access 3 months of location history

Wall Charger
Rechargeable Lithium ION Battery
USB to Mini USB Cable for charging
Optional: Special Inductive car ChargerCall Now 866-667-7347On Sale $175.95 + $15.95 Monthly airtime

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Payment Options Upfront Service Fee Activation Fee (One-Time Nonrefundable) Recurring Fee
Pay Monthly $15.95 $25.00 $15.95 Per Month
Pay 1 Year in Advance,
get 2 months free
(equals $13.29 per month)
$25.00 $159.95 Per Year
(After plan expires)