Inventory Control System

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                Morse Inventory Control System



                                   “Now find your car anytime you want to”


Andriod                           61484090                                                                                                                                                                        Dealers Can Manage their entire fleet

                           Find it on your computer, or Smart phone, anytime!


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Easy 5 Minute Installation  LMU 320 HB Chrysler set up - 2

Unique features for New Car Dealers!

Covert installation makes it invisible in any vehicle          

Monitor Speed location, history, idle time, milage, great reports.                 

Set notification via email and cell phone text message, if car is driven out of permitted area.

Hooks up to car battery – never runs out of power.

Friendly to use. Patented internal antenna is better than external antennas!

Hand on treatment from the CEO and the best tech support in the country!!!

Installation available

           For Authorized Dealers Only!

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Accounting department: ” Saved us over $100,000 in inventory labor costs this year”

Eliminated reconciling issue we went through with our 2 day inventory program.

Now the whole process is done in 2 minutes !” It is unbelievable.  We have so many more hours

to address other pressing issues at the dealership.”

Sales Department:

Sales Manager: “Finding cars in 15 seconds has dramatically reduced the sales cycle time and made the customer 

experience much more enjoyable. We have eliminate   2-4 lost sales per weekend from

people waiting  to be helped and tired of the 20- 30min it was taking to find cars.”

Sales Team: ” Finding the customer car in 15 seconds is a game changer for the customer and the sales team.

We are saving 20-30 minutes in the sales cycle, while making the whole process 

less strenuous for the customer.”

  F & I: “We generate $500-$1500 more per sale, while offering the customer the latest, easy to use

technology in safety and security, for their family

Owner:The bottom line is $1million more dollars while enjoying a dramatic improvement in

both operations of the enterprise and and reduction in the sales cycle.

Buy it for free:New delayed lease program allows you to deploy the system for free and start your 

management and profit center immewdiately