Repo Tracker


Installs in Seconds

Wakes You Up when They Wake Up!!

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Extended Life

Up to 6 months in storage or over 100 locates on aggressive mode (Repo Mode)

for REPO USE with 65 Lb Magnet

Charge the Repo tracker with wall charger or cigarette adapter for 6 hours before using

Repo Mode Offers The Following:

  • Attach Unit to Vehicle
  • In one to fifteen minutes of non movement the unit will go to sleep and send a “Stand-By” notice & address of where the unit is parked
  • When Vehicle moves, the unit wakes up & sends an alert to your email or a SMS to your cellphone or both…it’s your option
  • Repo program is $15 a month – will send alert when the vehicle moves

This WILL Save Your Cars!!!!

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Repo Units Start at $299.00
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TESTIMONIALS:“Saved me a week of waiting!!

It called me when the car left the garage!!

Paid for itself on the first job!!”

Sam – Sam’s Repo

“This is one of the best tools to come out for the Repo Industry!

I’m thoroughly satisfied with my experience with this device.

I can finally pick up some of my heardto get to vehicles!!”

Mark – Fubmle Recovery

“Not only does the Morse Magnetic Repo Tracker allow

for an instant install, I can just as quickly remove itfor use on my next case.

I don’t have the time or facility for installs or removals & this tracker needs neither!”