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  PTUAA – Portable Tracker with AA Battery Operated Asset Tracking unit 


ATU 620

   Battery operated asset tracking, designed for reliable, multi year deployments. Our ATU620 is an ideal solution for managing assets that will be deployed for long periods without maintenance needed. 

  2 year battery life at 1 message a day (6 – AA Batteries)

  Built in motion sensor

  Built in cellular and GPS Antenna for easy installation


Trailer Tracking Unit – T1 Maxi

30 second install 

More life – 5+ years on internal battery

Tracks on computer and smart phone 

Including 3 year of airtime

Other programs available

3 year tracking FREE!

PHYSICALDimensions 2.25 x 2.25 x 10.5”, (55 x 55 x 260mm)
Weight 32 oz, (907 g)

GPS Tracking was never easier
Great for Temporary Tracking, Trailer Tracking, Baggage Tracking & Rental Tracking, Trash Bins, Storage Bins
Installs in Seconds

Re-chargeable up to over 100 locates on repo mode or 6 months on Standby (Storage)
Wakes You Up when They Wake Up!!!
Portable Mini GPS Trailer Tracking
30 second install 1 year battery life
Will track up to 700 times
Tracks on computer and smart phone

2 year airtime included
2 – 25 lb Magnets – Unit will remain attached to most metal surfaces
Automatic check in every 25 or 50 hours

Can be switched to fully active repo mode for
Agressive tracking

T1 Mag Mount Self Powered

30 second install
30% more life – 3 year life
Tracks on computer and smart phone

“Installs in Seconds”
Free 1st Year Tracking Service *
INCLUDING 1st year of air time


The LMU-2720 incorporates CDMA 1xRTT wireless communication along with extra sensitive GPS technology. High sensitivity GPS and either internal or external antenna options enables the device to be mounted virtually anywhere for easy, inexpensive installations. An integrated 1,000mAh back-up battery allows for short-term or last-gasp tracking when disconnected from main power. The LMU-2720 also features a 3-axis accelerometer to detect and act on hard braking, aggressive acceleration, and vehicle impacts.

MorseGPS C4 GPS Tracker Easy covert installation, makes it invisible in any vehicle Monitor Speed location, history, idle time, mileage, great reports. Hooks up to car battery – never runs out of power.
Easy to use website, Login anytime anywhere.
Free 1st Year Tracking Service *


Service and Inventory Tracker
See 30 second installation video (Click Here)
Special $175.95 Regular Price $199.95
WITH 1 year 150 actions tracking
INCLUDING basic tracking program for 1 year


     Weatherproof GPS Tracker
– Minimal Vehicle Battery Drain. Internal back up battery for tamper notification
– Environmentally Resistant to water and dust.
– Weekly updates, On Demand while moving.
– Unauthorized movement – theft notification



* EZ Install
* Affordable $1.00 a Day
* Speed Alerts
* Border Alerts
* Receive PTO Alerts (engaged)
* Reports Driving Time
* Stop & Start Reports
* Web Enabled
* Search from Your Own Computer
* 1-866-MORSEGPS (1-866-667-7347)


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