Nano Personal Tracker

Nano Tracker by MorseGPS
Personal Security System

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Wall Charger
Rechargeable Lithium ION Battery
USB to Mini USB Cable for charging
Optional: Special Inductive car Charger

The ultimate, “OnStar Type” Nano Tracker,Featuring special Hybrid cell tower triangulation.
Designed for indoor use for the Elderly, Children, Alzheimer’s patients, Nurses, Guards & Executives. Ultra small for shipping packages & containers, real time locating & tracking in challenging environments.

“New Technology” – Improved Locating & Accuracy – Incorporates standard GPS, then adds WAAS. A-GPS, Hybrid cllular triangulation for indoor and complicated environments.

S.O.S Emergency Button – Connects to the MG “Get Smart” 24/7, Live Operator 911 Emergency Assist Response Center, operator provides assistance, displays the emergency location on the operators map, then system sends an alarm notice to 3 email addresses.

Shipping Valuable Assets – Press the S.O.S button and hold for 3 seconds to “Time Stamp” and verify the “Exact Location” of when the package arrives, sending arrival notification to the shipper.

Personal Security – Keep track of your most valuable assets; Children, Elderly Alzheimer’s Patients, Executives, Employees, Security Guards, Drivers and Fleet vehicles in the field.

Services Available

  • (A) Real time tracking & location sends device diagnostics every day. (optional; your choice of many tracking plans available)
  • (B) Locate children, pets, vehicle, parents anywhere anytime from your smart phone, interrogate silent with approval , or talk to them
  • (C) Full concierge services, roadside assist-fuel-battery-towing etc.

3D Motion Detector – The MorseGPS Nano Tracker uses the most sensitive motion detector for any movement, falling down, vehicle movement, ultra sensitive to save power.

Covert Tracker – The MorseGPS Nano Tracker can be hidden on a vehicle and truck whenever the vehicle is moving, or upon request to preserve the battery. Use magnets to attach to the vehicle.

Power Management – The MorseGPS Nano Tracker has miltiple power management settings to extend battery life up to 188 hours w/ limited use, and the quality Li-Polymer battery.

Low Battery Alarm – Low Battery Alarm sends an alert message to 3 designated contacts when the internal battery reaches a 25% remaining capacity.