Marine GPS Tracking

Whether you are on the water or on the land, find your vessel now with Morse GPS tracking!

C1150 Marine – Waterproof

Real-time Marine GPS Tracking

Installs in 5-10 minutes; no external antenna required
Waterproof ruggedized case is included with every order
One of the lowest cost marine GPS tracking units
Recover your boat quickly if it’s stolen
Geofence alerts to your cell phone or email
                                                                                         30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee

                                                                                                                     C1150 Marine


Question: Do I have to have a cell phone or purchase cell service as well as C2M service?
Answer: No, C2M™ provides a complete service including the marine GPS tracking unit, software and network connectivity to the marine GPS tracking unit. All you need is a PC with an internet connection and a marine vessel to track!

Question: Is it difficult to install?
Answer: Connect the power (red wire) to a 12 volt power source and the ground (black wire). The antennas are internal so there is no installation necessary for those. Place the marine GPS unit in the ruggedized box with a clear view to the sky for the best GPS reception.

Question: How much does the C2M™ GPS tracking unit cost?
Answer: The GPS marine tracking unit is available for $299.95. Service plans are:
Theft provention with low battery and water alarm notification: $20.00/year
100 locates per year: $60.00/year (20% discount for annual purchase)
Call for custom programs as often as every two minutes
Additional locates $0.25 per locate (billed at the end of each month)

Question: I need to track my yacht every minute for a couple of days. Is this something I can do?
Answer: Every-minute continuous tracking is available as an upgrade to the per-locate service plan. The cost per month is $39.95 and you can purchase as many days as you would like. Every-minute tracking is not available for tracking in Mexico.

Question: Where will the C2M™ GPS tracking unit work?
Answer: The C2M GPS tracking unit will work in the US and Canada with the standard SIM, and can work globally where ever GSM signal is found for the additional fee for an International SIM. Where ever cell phone service available. Ideal for port arrivals and departures

Question: Is there an extra charge for the water resistant case for the C2M™ unit?
Answer: The water resistant case is included with all C2M™units along with a power adaptor for battery charging.