TTU 710 Portable Tracker

TTU 710 Portable Tracker

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Trailer Tracking Unit

The TTU 710 Trailer Tracker is a battery operated non-rechargeable tracking product designed for RELIABLE, MULTI YEAR DEPLOYMENTS. The TTU710 is an ideal solution for managing assets that will be deplyed for long periods with maintenance needs.


The TTU 710 employs an Industry leading on-board alert engine, (Programmable Event Generator). This advanced engine monitors external conditions and supports customer-defined exception-based rules to help meet the needs of your application.

This program continuously monitors the vehicle enviroment and responds instantaneously to pre-defined threshold conditions related to time, motion, location, Geozone, input and other event combinations. With our Program Event Generator, your unique application will meet demanding customer requirements. This behavior can be programmed by MorseGPS before shipment.

Over the Air Serviceability

Heavy Duty