T1 Mag Mount

T1 Mag Mount Self Powered

$249.95 $225.00

30 second install
30% more life – 3 year life
Tracks on computer and smart phone
Tracking every 49 hours
All the features of a T1 mini and more
Instant install with 65 lbs Magnet
GPS Tracking for Title Loans, Car Rentals, Repo Tracking, Trailer Tracking
Unit will automatically locate every 49 hours
Can be switched to Fully active mode
Great for Storage & Trash Bins
Replacement battery is currently available for $25 each
Battery depreciates less than 3% a year. It will not hurt to keep an extra one in stock.

“Installs in Seconds”
Free 1st Year Tracking Service *
Special $225.00 Regular price $249.95
INCLUDING 1st year of air time

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Product Description


L 6″ W 2.5″ H 2 1/4″
Each unit includes a 65lb magnet

Expected battery life – 3 years, locating every 50 hours.

Batteries are $30 each and we will replaced them without labor at our facility and you will only pay $5 shipping charge.

Battery replacement:
Replacement batteries can be ordered with unit, and are not difficult to replace , if you have electrical experience.
We cannot be responsible for damage that may occur during the process.

Airtime Plans and Accessories

1 year included – renewal is $25.00 per year
3 year option – at time of purchase is $20.00
Spare Battery is $30.00

Aggressive tracking modes – can reduce battery life dramatically.
Little affect if attached to mostly stationary items, or storage situations, where movement would indicate a theft

  1. Unit is on when vehicle is moving and gives a locate when parked – $9.95/month
  2. Unit is on when vehicle moves and auto locates every 15 minutes – $15.95/month

Operations and Manual

Please note the tracking plans on these units are different from other units as they are designed for long life using an internal battery.
They perform in the following manner:

  1. Remove the blue tape and magnet to activate the unit
  2. At initial start up the unit will stay on for an hour – this is done so you can verify that you have installed the unit where it will work. See installation tips tab for suggestions, or call office for more covert suggestions.
  3. If you are not happy, replace the magnet momentarily and you will have another hour of testing
  4. After the 1 hour test, the unit will turn off for 50 hours
  5. The unit will wake up every 50 hours, give a locate, and go back to sleep for 50 hours.
  6. Aggressive tracking – the repo mode – will have to be activated, initially from our office.
  7. Understanding Aggressive Tracking and the Repo mode.
    1. Once you call us and we send a request to the unit to enter the repo mode. It will do so on the next 50 hour check in time.
    2. When active the tracker will go on any time the unit moves, and send out a location and speed every 15 minutes it is moving. Even though the tracker is locating itself every 15 minutes, it requires a good location and cell site to send that information. If you do not get location information consistently, it is because of poor coverage.
    3. While it is moving you can also track it as often as you want.
    4. When you have repossessed the vehicle you will need to deactivate the aggressive tracking mode. This is done by going to the bottom of the unit list and clicking on “enable starter”. That will put the unit in the 50 hour mode
    5. Every day that the unit is in the aggressive tracking mode is equal to approximately 2 months of battery life, so be careful about using the repo mode, only when necessary.


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